Up until recently the jury was still out on just how effective resveratrol was. Resveratrol is a polyphenol compound which is found in nature and well known to be ubiquitous in blueberries, raspberries and also in the skin of grapes (and as a result also found in wine). However you would need to drink at least 100 glasses of wine to get the longevity effect that The Longevity Experts want you to have. The resveratrol molecule is easily extracted and placed into liposomes to ensure extreme bioavailability for you.


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AMPK is a cellular enzyme that if found lacking is arguably involved in most if not all disease. The lower your AMPK activity, the more chance you have of developing disease.  Information is power, and knowing this particular science means that you can now greatly affect your chances of developing disease as our biological clock sleep walks into old age at one second per second.

Professor Emeritus William Clark of Immunology at UCLA says “AMPK is a suppressor of aging itself”. That’s how powerful some of us in the scientific community regards the effect of this little enzyme and its control over aging. Scientists now have a huge body of evidence showing that this enzyme is one of the final powerhouses that anyone serious about life extension should be including in their anti-aging toolkit.

When new AMPK is released, it escalates ‘fatty acid oxidation’ (which is simply a process that creates new ATP). AMPK also initiates glucose transport, where sugars are taken from stored fats as additional energy sources for the cells to function. The net result is perfect cellular metabolism and flawless cellular machinery.

Fruit flies genetically modified to have more AMP in their cells live up to one third longer than their natural counterparts due to the induction of AMPK. Those that eat junk food and live sedentary lifestyles will lower their levels of AMPK, inducing more fat storage, slowing cellular metabolism with an increased chance of disease.

The science is profound and the jury is in, AMPK levels are essential for your anti-aging toolkit in assisting you to avoid disease and maintain a youthful state.

As always at The Longevity Experts we show supporting studies to our claims so that you know you are purchasing products that will have an effect on your well being.

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